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  Bath Pro  Baths Resurface & Care Specialist
         浴   缸   修   護   專   家

 Refinish it, Don't Replace!
Bath ProTM Bath Resurfacing Service save 70% time & money VS replacement.


We provide bath resurfacing services according to the different damages of bathtub:


1.   Scratches touch up and removal
2.   Chipped parts treatment
3.   Serious damages : Re-coating entire bathtub   Bathtub can be used 24 hours after resurfacing.

                          Before Resurface

             After Resurface

                                  Before Resurface

           After Resurface

Bath ProTM Resurfacing services on sanitary wares and wall tiles can last for over 10 years, first 3 years limited warranty provides against peeling off or failure adhesion of the coating.


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