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  Bath Pro  Baths Resurface & Care Specialist
         浴   缸   修   護   專   家

 Refinish it, Don't Replace!
Bath ProTM Bath Resurfacing Service save 70% time & money VS replacement.

We provide bath resurfacing services according to the different damages of bathtub:

1.   Scratches touch up and removal
2.   Chipped parts treatment
3.   Serious damages : Re-coating entire bathtub   Bathtub can be used 24 hours after resurfacing.

                          Before Resurface

             After Resurface
                                  Before Resurface

           After Resurface

Bath ProTM Resurfacing services on sanitary wares, wall tiles & kitchen cabinets can last for over 10 years and we provides first 3 years warranty against any peeling or failure adhesion of the coating.


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