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   Bath Pro  
    缸 師 傅   



Bathtub Guard TM
  1. Bathtub GuardTM  provides
                     contoured protection for evey bath after installation.

  2. Thermoformed parts constructed of high impact polystyrene PS or ABS

  3. Thickness of material to be 1.0 mm

  4. Completely waterproof and chemical resistance

  5. No set up time, just drop into bathtub

  6. Environmental friendly, no more use and wastage of plywood

  7. Model available; for Kohler K715, K716; Bamberger

  8. Tailor made to suite every bath


VitecTM Air Bubble Bath Massage System

The fitness center in your bath; Short vacations in the bubble bath

 "Komfort" air bubble bath, model: A230
with adjustable air bubble intensities. (230V)

"Deluxe" air bubble bath, model: B240
with pre-set interval programs
and water-proof remote control. (230V)

Taking an air bubble bath releases and relaxes the muscles!


- 10 air bubble intensities     

- Preheating of air up to 50?C    

- Air flow up to 1,400 litres/min.    

- Timer switch set to 30 minutes      

- Adjustable bubble mat 120 x 33cm with 5 air channels to fit in every standard bath tub

- Powerful, yet quiet motor   

- Bypass-safety system     

- Made in Germany


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