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                                                                        Chateaude Limited


                Beginnings from 1997, Chateaude establish as an OEM firm for local sanitary wares market.  Chateaude has grown
                from strength as a SME firm to supply OEM and custom made products BALBOA SPATM and Balboa Outdoor SpaTM 
                     and Whirlpool Baths & fittings.
                Chateaude supplies also Automatic Sensor Flush products in series, trade as Sensor ProTM to meet the local market in 
                 residential, office tower, commercial buildings, delux clubhouses and shopping malls as well.

  Bath Pro baths remodeling, resurface & care 

Bath ProTM   named the best and safest bath resurfacing services, which owned by Chateaude Limited.   Thanks for the advanced formula by the  US EP-ACRYLICTM    since 1990 and our innovative equipment,  we are being introduced of provide bath resurfacing service and earning trust in the market.

Environment Safe is our thumb of rule.   The EP-ACRYLICTM   System contains NO ISOCYANATES also the only resurfacing material suitable for use in kitchen and food preparation areas.

Bath ProTM  services not limits to resurface bathtubs, sanitary wares, tiles and kitchen cabinets; we also provide the on-site electroplating,  whirlpool bath modification and tailor made bathtubs.
Bath Pro products care you and your baths. BATHTUB GUARDTM  provides contoured protection for every baths after installation.  VITECTM  AIR BUBBLE BATH MASSAGE SYSTEM lead you enjoy yourself in short vacations inside the bathroom.  The system is also your own fitness center to slim your body.

Our Business is growing rapidly due to the durability, safety and technological innovations we have introduced over the past 12 years.  Chateaude Limited is proud of being the sole agent of EP-ACRYLICTM  in China Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau territories

Unit 1310, Block B, Veristong Industrial Centre, 34-36 Au Pui Wan Street, Shatin, Hong Kong.
Tel: (852) 2690 2161      Fax: (852) 8148 9235     email:

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